* Theme is now fully responsive and retina ready.
* Updated the corner ribbon graphics to pure CSS for full customisation.
* Added new Instagram, Flickr and Dribbble widgets to the sidebar.
* Option to upload a retina size (@2) logo.
* Use of Google Web Fonts for titles.
* Mobile optimised navigation menu.
* Responsive video, audio and photoset posts.
* Responsive image slider in header area.
* Theme now uses no images so user has full control over colour options.
* Updated the Tag Cloud with an option that shows amount of posts with certain tags.
* Social network icons now in the sidebar.
* Option to be able to set amount of tweets to show in the Twitter feed.
* Added the new Reblog and Like Tumblr buttons in the posts footers.
* An icon font is now used for all icons so they can easily be customised.
* Revised the documentation with updated layout and instructions.

11.11.2011 - Version 1.1

* Changed the layout to match the Rapture Tumblog Theme
* Added captions to the image slider
* Updated help file with Tumblr’s new layout
* Added some different background images 

9.8.2011 - Version 1.0

* Initial Release