The Rapture Tumblr theme comes packed full of customisable options and features. These can all be accessed through the Appearance tab when customising your theme.

Background Colour
The background colour can be set to anything you like by clicking on the colour box. This is if you don’t want to use a background image. 

Title Colour
This is the colour of the header text if your using a text title instead of an image or a logo. 

Nav Link Hover Colour
This is the colour of all links when hovered over with the cursor. Set it to any colour you wish! 

Link Colour
Pretty straight forward… set the colour of your links. 

Body Font
This is the font for the main body text of each post.  

Header Image
This is where you upload the image for replacing the header title text. So upload your logo here to give your Tumblr that extra professional look. 

Background Image
Upload an image here for the main background of your Tumblr theme. It will repeat across the whole of the browser so pick something subtle. You can always customise a line of code so it doesn’t repeat.

Social Images
Upload the four icons you would like to appear under your avatar in the sidebar. Make sure they are 16px by 16px in size.


Banner Images
These are the affiliate banners seen in the sidebar. Upload your banner here so it appears in the sidebar making sure to use images that are 125px by 125px.

Slider Images
Want some images feature in the slider? Upload your 5 images here making sure they are  940px by 300px in size.